Responsible AI

The responsible use and application of AI

Xomnia’s mission is to create a safe and sustainable data-driven world full of exciting opportunities for individuals and businesses. Reaching that point will be a challenge but we believe in action, in creating things, in a ‘can do’ mentality, in making change happen. And we believe the momentum is now.

It is now because Data and AI is changing the world as we speak. The way we live, work and communicate. Contributing to this revolutionary change in a sustainable positive way is what drives us. And in that revolutionary change that is happening now lies our opportunity… The possibility to work towards this goal. The possibility to integrate these beliefs in everything we do, to contribute. To support initiatives that make a difference, hence our partnership with The Ocean Cleanup, our continuous support to MODIR, and our giving back to the open source community by contributing to Polars.

But we are well aware that this is not enough, that we can’t reach this goal by ourselves. And as we are convinced that every transformation starts with awareness, gaining knowledge, and taking action, we decided to start just there.

We proudly welcome you to our ‘Responsible AI’ webinar series.

Responsible AI webinar series

An in-depth webinar series about the responsible use and application of AI. In this series, various invited speakers will discuss a range of topics related to the ethical, accountable, and/or sustainable use of AI. Xomnia teams up with partners, experts, and guest speakers to cover a broad range of expertise and perspectives on the field. The series aims to contribute to issues identified at various levels within companies, ranging from individual employees to data science and business teams, to boardroom meetings.

The aim is to inform, educate and support anyone who is interested in Responsible AI, by offering an overview of cutting-edge tools, methods, best practices, and lessons learned, spreading the knowledge of how to apply AI more responsibly starting now.

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