Wed Aug 31 2022

Xomnia relaunches its development program to better meet market's needs

NB: This article discusses a program that Xomnia no longer offers.

Xomnia is relaunching its Machine Learning Development Program and rebranding it as the Data & ML Engineering Program. The change comes to address the market’s demand for data engineers, which continues to be significantly higher than the supply of available talents.

“We felt a big demand among our clients, such as ARAG and Polaroid, for data engineering and cloud architecture skills, which are crucial to create the data platforms and infrastructure that can achieve data-driven capabilities,” said Annemieke Los, Xomnia’s CCO. “For this reason, we’re shifting the program’s focus to professionals with data engineering or machine learning engineering backgrounds.”

The one-year-long program will target professionals with at least one year of experience in machine learning engineering or data engineering. Upon joining the program, they will work with our core team of consultants and simultaneously receive coaching and training by our senior team members.

“We are dropping the Detavast aspect of the program, and raising the bar of the application process,” explained our CTO, Tim Paauw. “This also means that smaller numbers of applicants will be accepted per intake.”

With this shift, we also aim to provide our clients with more experienced consultants to better meet their needs across the data maturity spectrum.

“As we continue to overtake larger and more strategic partnerships, we’re focusing on creating strong data foundations and setting up data delivery for our clients,” added Annemieke. “We believe that the more experienced engineers joining the program will play a great role in meeting our clients demands.”

Successful applicants to the Data & ML Engineering Program will spend 4 days per week working on assignments at clients that they are carefully matched with, and will receive assistance and supervision by our senior team members during their assignments. On Fridays, they will attend different training sessions delivered at Xomnia by our senior team members and other industry experts, about a variety of topics such as the cloud, software engineering, MLOps, and others.