Thu Jan 25 2024

AI x Aviation: Using AI for an ultimate passenger experience ✈️

Raamstraat 7-1, Amsterdam


Join us for an exceptional edition of the Data & Drinks event, co-hosted with Kickstart AI coalition. The focus of our first event of 2024 is AI applications in the aviation sector, and we have a special line-up of speakers for you!

Our speakers are Philip Kerbusch, Senior Data Scientist - Autonomous Decision Making at Schiphol, and Roman Kazus Data Scientist at Royal Schiphol Group. We will announce soon more speakers and talks, so stay tuned!

Click here to RSVP for free for the event, which will take place on Thursday, January 25th at 17:30 at Xomnia's HQ in Amsterdam.

This free event includes dinner, drinks and a lot of networking opportunities with data professionals from Amsterdam and beyond.

Summary of the talks:

Talk #1: Using AI for an ultimate passenger experience: How gate planning and security timeslots affect the passenger experience
Schiphol's vision is to become the most sustainable and high quality airport in the world. Therefore, an excellent passenger experience is one of our top priorities. In our talk we will dive into two elements in the whole of Schiphol's operation that contribute to that experience. First, from an aircraft point of view: the gate planning that needs to be done to ensure a smooth turnaround for the 1500 flights we serve daily. And second, from the passenger side: our free security timeslots service which you, as a passenger, can use to skip possible waiting lines.

From the gate planning perspective we will dive into our augmented decision making tooling that uses reinforcement learning to recommend gate planners with suggestions for gate changes, taking into account operational restrictions but also passenger experience such as walking times to their next plane or to the exit. You will learn how immensely complex the Schiphol environment is, and how hard it is to quantify the preference of certain decisions.

From the timeslots service perspective you will learn everything about the intelligence behind it: how it is both boosting passenger experience and boosting operational excellence for Schiphol. With the timeslots we attract passengers to come at times which are better aligned with available security capacity, thereby reducing the major peaks Schiphol faces every day. An intelligent algorithm together with process simulations ensures we offer the right time slot to the right passenger. We will also give you insight into why waiting times are almost inevitable at Schiphol and how timeslots are contributing to eliminate these as much as possible.

Talk #2: TBA

About the speakers:

Philip Kerbusch is currently a senior scientist at the Royal Schiphol Group’s Data & Analytics department. Philip has an extensive background on simulation and artificial intelligence technologies, and is a thought leader on how to create and introduce intelligent decision support tools in complex operational environments.


17:30-18.30: Walk-ins & dinner
18.30-18.35: Introduction to Xomnia and Kickstart AI
18:35-19:10: Using AI for an ultimate passenger experience: How gate planning and security timeslots affect the passenger experience
19:10-19:20: Break
19.20-20.00: Talk #2 (TBA)
20:00-21.00: Borrel