Thu Sep 15 2022

Modern Data Stack of 2025 & Data Mesh

Xomnia B.V., Raamstraat 7-I, 1016 XL Amsterdam


Following a short break over the summer, we’re excited to kick off a new season of our Data & Drinks event series. Join us on September 15th at 17:30 PM at Xomnia's HQ in the heart of Amsterdam for an informative session featuring two talks:

  1. “The Data Stack of 2025”, presented by Data Advocate, Architect and Speaker Ibrahim Elawadi. He will speak about the developments in the data landscape and will shed light about the data stack which we will use in 2025.
  2. “Data Mesh, is decentralization the solution to scalability problems?” by Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft and Author Piethein Strengholt. Data Mesh is hot in the world of data, and is perceived as an answer to the centralization problems of data warehouse and data lake architectures. In this discussion, Piethein will take a closer look at the revision that Data Mesh proposes, looking at its different dimensions and advantages, as well as the challenges and disadvantages that this concept brings.\

Bio of the speakers:

  • Ibrahim Elawadi is a data advocate, architect and public speaker with about 25 years of experience in the digital industry. Over the past decade, he dedicated his time to working for global campaigning organizations like Greenpeace and Oxfam in the areas of analytics, technical innovation and marketing. Ibrahim holds a MSc in Marketing & BE in Electronics Engineering.
  • Piethein Strengholt is the author of Data Management at Scale, and has written multiple blog posts about doing domain driven design for data. After working for more than a decade as a strategy consultant and freelance application developer, he joined ABN AMRO as a principal architect to accelerate subjects like data management, cloud, and integration. In this role, he oversaw the company's data strategy and its impact on the organization. He currently works as the Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

About the speakers

Ibrahim Elawadi

Data Advocate, Architect and Speaker

Piethein Strengholt

Senior Cloud Solution Architect