Thu Mar 30 2023

How is data driving the automotive industry forward? (DAF & PON)

Raamstraat 7, 1016 XL Amsterdam

Due to sensitive information, we were unable to record the presentation.



March's Data & Dinks event is taking place on Thursday March 30th at 17:30 at Xomnia's HQ, and will focus on data engineering in the automotive industry.

Our first guest is Data Engineer Floris Smit, who will give a presentation about using streaming data to support DAF Used Trucks' e-commerce sales platform. Our second speaker is Lead Data Scientist at Pon Kevin Haver, who will talk about using AI to detect car damages and optimize bicycle manufacturing.

The event will include dinner, drinks and a lot of networking with data professionals from Amsterdam and beyond.

Short summary of the talks:

  • Talk #1 by Floris Smit: DAF Used Trucks has many customers that lease trucks and later return them upon the end of their contracts. In an effort to modernize and streamline the selling of these used trucks, DAF hired Xomnia to assist in the design and implementation of a data platform. Floris will discuss in his talk how he ensured that various data sources are available in a real-time manner using Confluent for Kafka, AWS, Kafka Connect, Debezium, and EKS.
  • Talk #2 by Kevin Haver: While most people in the Netherlands know Pon as a car importer, Pon is also one of the world's largest bicycle manufacturers. Kevin will demonstrate how his team developed a computer vision model to detect car damages in real-time and how they leveraged AI to improve bicycle production and distribution.

Get to know our speakers:

  • Floris Smit is a data engineer and solution architect specialized in streaming data. From design to implementation and deployment, Floris has worked on real time applications using Apache Kafka, Confluent and Kubernetes.
  • Kevin Haver After completing his studies in energy physics, Kevin pursued a career in data science at Pon. He enjoys turning ideas into reality and transforming data into business value. Kevin and his team, the Pon Datalab, are on a mission to make Pon the smartest trading and service company in the world.