Thu Oct 27 2022

MLOps: From Stack to Culture (GitLab)

Raamstraat 7, 1016 XL Amsterdam

You're invited to October's Data & Drinks event at Xomnia's HQ in Amsterdam on the 27th of October at 17:30. Our topic of discussion will be "MLOPs: From Stack to Culture," featuring Eduardo Bonet, staff incubation engineer for MLOps at GitLab.


MLOps is not only about using model registries, feature stores and pipelines. It's the culture of creating ML models that truly bring value to users, and it starts even before the first line of code is written. We'll talk about how MLOps is present across the entire software development lifecycle, and review the challenges MLOps needs to address to successfully execute ML projects.

About our guest speaker: 

Eduardo Bonet is a proud generalist who has previously filled the roles of a decision scientist and a full-stack development and machine learning engineer. He currently works as a staff incubation engineer for MLOps at GitLab, with the goal of making GitLab a tool data scientists love to use.

About the speakers

Eduardo Bonet

Staff Incubation Engineer for MLOps