Thu Nov 24 2022

Empowering the transition to renewable energy with AI and machine learning (Enexis & Sympower)

Raamstraat 7, 1016 XL Amsterdam


November's Data & Drinks will be about a topic that is very hot in those cold days: The adoption of sustainable and renewable energy.

Join us on November 24th at 17:30 at Xomnia's HQ to attend two interactive talks by Data Team Lead at Sympower Ellissa Versepunt and Machine Learning Engineer at Xomnia Martijn Beeks, who will discuss how two market leaders in the Netherlands are using data and AI to support the energy transformation in the Netherlands.

Summary of the talks:

Talk 1: Empowering renewable electricity grids with flexibility & AI: Sympower is accelerating the global transition towards net-zero by balancing the supply and demand of electricity across international energy networks. Sympower's in-house software platform connects to thousands of industrial IoT assets, such as greenhouse lights, electric vehicles and machines at paper mills. By controlling the flexible electricity demand on the grid fundamental, commonly reacting within a second, we counter the imbalances facing the growing supply of renewable energy. One big challenge here, however, is predicting precisely how much electricity we can control at all times and places.

In this talk, Ellissa will explain how Sympower’s flexibility services help customers adapt towards the energy transition currently taking place. She will explain how combining data, software and hardware provides an end-to-end solution that offers real-time monitoring and balancing of electricity supply and demand. Particularly, she will discuss the set-up and challenges of the AI-based, automatic forecasting services required to monetize flexibility on different energy markets.

Talk 2: Predicting future adoption sustainable energy technologies to assess impact on the electricity grid: In the wake of the ongoing trend in the electrification of energy demand, there is an increasing load on the grid resulting from solar installations, charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps. This, of course, impacts the electricity grid significantly.

To assess the impact of these technologies on the electricity grid in the Netherlands, it is necessary to get an overview of where future solar panels, charging points, heat pumps, etc. will land. Martijn will talk about the data challenges and the modelling approach used to address this necessity during his work at Enexis, one of the largest grid operators of the Netherlands.

About the speakers

Ellissa Versepunt

Data Team Lead

Martijn Beeks

Machine Learning Engineer