Thu May 27 2021

Building the DataOps platform for self-service analytics at Felyx


About the event:

Felyx offers shared electric scooters that aim to provide the easiest, fastest, and most enjoyable way to get around cities. As the company is growing rapidly, so does the amount of data being generated and the number of analytics use cases. This requires an ever-improving architecture for data processing, which allows for more scale and a faster development lifecycle. In this talk, Daan Stroosnier, the head of data and analytics at Felyx, and Atilla Erdődi, a freelance data engineer at Felyx & eBay, will explain how Felyx is building its next generation of Data and Analytics platform based on DataOps principles, using modern analytics tools such as dbt, Airflow, and Snowflake.

About the guest speakers:

Daan Stroosnier, Global Head of Data & Analytics @ Felyx

Daan is the head of all things that involve data at Felyx, building up the data and analytics team as well as being responsible for the long-term strategic vision. Before joining Felyx, he was Data Analytics Manager at PwC. He holds an MSc degree in Econometrics from Universiteit van Amsterdam, and when not at work, he enjoys playing soccer, movies, and going to the cinema.

Atilla Erdődi, Freelance Data Engineer @ Felyx & eBay

Atilla is a freelance Data Engineer currently working at Felyx as a Technical Consultant, and at eBay as a Senior Data Engineer. As an independent consultant, he has been helping companies of all sizes for the past seven years with software and data engineering, as well as tech strategy. He has an MSc degree in Computer Science from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and - whenever possible - he can be found backpacking somewhere in the world.