Thu Apr 29 2021

Audio analytics in practice (APG)


About the webinar: 

Can we teach the machine to detect emotions from a speaker's tone of voice? Eran Raviv wil give a 30-minute talk in which he will share a few details from an innovative experiment in which he sought to find out what audio data looks like, and how to go about modelling voice using machine learning methods.

Eran Raviv holds a PhD in econometrics from Tinbergen Institute, a master’s degree in applied statistics from Tel Aviv University and a second master’s degree in quantitative finance from Rotterdam University. His research has been published in high impact peer-reviewed journals. In 2013 he joined APG-Asset Management (APG-AM) as a senior quantitative investment strategist. After spending two years in that role, he has served as a data scientist working on various innovative projects across APG-AM organization, he currently hold an expert-researcher position at the Digitalization department.