Advanced analysis through text mining for TUI

Thanks to Xomnia we can analyze our customer survey data in an unprecedented way.
Leonie Zoet, Marketing Intelligence Manager.

TUI, an international leisure-travel company, constantly strives to surpass their customers’ expectations. When doing proper customer satisfaction, or customer experience research, open text questions should be part of it. However, when you have to analyse several thousand open text answers, you face a challenge.

That’s why Xomnia built a solution for TUI that is able to recognize predefined categories in open text answers on a topic level. This means that if one message, or even one sentence is about three different topics, the algorithm recognises all of them. Together with this classification towards predefined topics we applied text clustering to discover new likely relevant topics. On all categorized text chunks we applied Xomnia’s sentiment analysis. Finally, we put all together in one easy to use dashboard.

The tool we created provides a deep understanding on the important business drivers of TUI from a customer point of view. With some clicks TUI can now go from a high level score on a certain topic, towards a further exploration of the topics into detail. This way, the tool is of use for both a strategic as well as operational activities.