Thu Dec 10 2020

Sustainable & Climate AI

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About the webinar

In this session, we will once again dive into the sustainability theme! While last time we discussed ways to make your neural networks less power-hungry, this time Lucia Loher will give us an introduction to Jina AI as their Product Lead. Jina AI is an open-source neural search company and is on a quest to democratize the development of search products. Currently, neural- and semantic- search applications are among the biggest topics in AI, and Jina tries to contribute to sustainability by providing a convenient, well-documented, and efficient search framework, and therefore reducing the need for every developer to train their own models and come up with their own, possibly inefficient, solutions.

Following Lucia's presentation, Ricardo Vinuesa, who is an Associate Professor and Affiliated Researcher in the AI Sustainability Center at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, will dive into the background behind his research on "The role of artificial intelligence in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals", which was published in Nature Communications journal. The findings suggest that AI can both enable and inhibit the accomplishment of the set goals.

If you like to know more about how Xomnia can help your organisation harness the power of responsible AI, please email Annemieke Los from our sales team on annemieke.los@xomnia.comĀ