Wed Nov 18 2020

Responsible IT

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About the webinar

To introduce you to the topic of the series, Nanda Piersma will take you through an overview of what we actually mean by “Responsible AI”, and why this topic is especially relevant at this moment. Starting from the current state of intelligent technology, she will introduce several key challenges in the responsible use and application of intelligent technology. Rest assured, she will not only treat us to a clear definition, explanation and analysis of the problem, she will also provide us with various directions for solving it. She will make a distinction between so-called “quick wins'' (solutions that are already easy to apply and implement), and future innovations that are currently being researched at universities, colleges and research institutes. To reinforce her key takeaways, she will interweave her story with appealing examples from practice. She concludes with a more personal note in which she explains her own motivation that drives her to take on scientific leadership of the ECAAI, and the AUAS Responsible IT research group.

This first edition of our new webinar series offers anyone with an interest in the topic the opportunity to join the series. This edition will therefore be accessible and easy to follow for a wide audience. This webinar will be offered in Dutch.