Thu Jul 08 2021

AI and systems regulation

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About the event:

The July edition of our webinar series will focus on AI and systems regulation. AI is changing markets and businesses. It can affect people in many different, and sometimes unforeseen, ways. Both of our speakers will discuss the potential impact of AI and how society aims to regulate and guide AI developments to prevent harmful outcomes, without obstructing innovation.

Joas van Ham, our first guest speaker, is a Sr. Consultant Responsible Tech at Considerati. Joas will give us an introduction to the proposal for an EU AI regulation. This proposal classifies AI systems, bans some uses, and introduces a wide range of requirements for others. The talk will dive deeper into what the European Commission aims to achieve with the proposal; which requirements are introduced for a variety of AI applications; identify consequences for organizations developing and/or using AI, and outline how you can start assessing the impact of the proposal for your organization.

Pallas Agterberg, our second guest speaker, is Challenge officer at Alliander and member of the Strategy team of the NLAIC. She will describe the change of the energy system, based upon renewables that will fluctuate with the weather conditions. Sometimes energy is abundant and cheap, sometimes scarce. Especially solar energy will be distributed, and so is the demand, for buildings, mobility, industry, and ICT. The devices for generation and usage will be connected and AI can optimize this. But one important choice needs to be made: will this be aggregated by a few dominant market players or will this be an open connected market with access for all?


  • 16:00: opening by Marieke Peeters
  • 16:05: talk by Joas van Ham
  • 16:25: Q&A
  • 16:30: talk by Pallas Agterberg
  • 16:55: Q&A
  • 17:00: closing by Marieke Peeters