Thu Apr 15 2021

Ethics in Data Projects

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About this event:

In the April edition of the Responsible AI webinar series, our topic of focus is "Ethics in the design of data products and intelligent technology".

Our first guest speaker will be Chris Detweiler, a Lecturer at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. During the webinar, he will talk about the role and relevance of ethics and moral values in the design of data products and technology. He will focus on creating awareness that ethics and moral values are an integral part when making design decisions since the consequences of those decisions will most often affect others or their environment. Being aware of such effects allows to make these decisions more carefully.

Our second guest speaker will be Stan Guldemond, a software developer at the City of Amsterdam. He will provide a talk about the Object Detection Kit (ODK). The ODK is used to identify objects in public spaces, such as misplaced waste bags. Working on such a product also demands the identification of additional constraints and corresponding safeguards to, for example, respect people's privacy. Stan will talk about the ethical challenges encountered in the project, and the design choices made by the team working on the ODK to handle such challenges with due care.


  • 16:00: opening by Marieke Peeters
  • 16:05: talk by Chris Detweiler
  • 16:25: Q&A
  • 16:30: talk by Stan Guldemond
  • 16:55: Q&A
  • 17:00: closing by Marieke