Thu Jan 21 2021

Meaningful human control of AI

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About the webinar

After a successful start of our new webinar series on Responsible AI in 2020, we will kick off the new year with a fresh talk about meaningful human control of AI, with guest speakers Marc Steen and Jurriaan van Diggelen, both of whom are senior research scientists at TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).

The increasing development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technological innovations are changing the way AI systems are applied. The past couple of years have shown an increased awareness and interest in the ethical dilemmas encountered when applying AI in practice.

The third edition of our webinar series will focus on AI systems that play a role in morally salient tasks: tasks that clearly contain a moral (or ethical) component. Examples of AI systems being applied in morally salient tasks can be found in healthcare, autonomous driving, AI-based policing systems, and many other societal domains. The talk will illustrate the topic and envisioned solutions with a use case concerning an AI tool that performs triage decisions in an intensive care hospital unit.

In morally salient tasks, it is considered especially important that humans exert meaningful control over the AI system's behavior. This ensures humans can be held accountable for the AI’s behavior at any time, and that moral wrong-doing by the AI system can be avoided.

In this talk, Marc Steen will discuss four perspectives from moral philosophy that can be used to understand what it means for an AI system to be under meaningful human control. Jurriaan van Diggelen will discuss various design solutions for achieving MHC in AI systems, as well as ways to evaluate the system’s compliance with meaningful human control principles.

Envisioned audience:

The talk will be provided in English. Policymakers, strategists, integrity/privacy/security officers, and managers are expected to be intrigued by what Marc Steen brings into the conversation; whereas data scientists, user experience and interaction designers, and system engineers are expected to be engaged by Jurriaan van Diggelen’s insights. But the real magic comes from the seamless transition between the two talks: Jurriaan and Marc have aligned their talks such that the moral perspectives offered by Marc will feed into the practical know-how and solutions provided by Jurriaan. The result is a coherent alignment between vision, strategy, and practice.


  • 16:00: opening by Marieke Peeters
  • 16:05: talk by Marc Steen
  • 16:25: talk by Jurriaan van Diggelen
  • 16:45: Q&A
  • 16:57: closing by Marieke Peeters