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Our training programs

Designed carefully by our experienced instructors, our business-focused training programs are made for professionals seeking to understand the foundations of data and AI within their organizations. Those trainings are provided on-demand at the location of the client.

Introduction to Data Science & Analytics

Learn the fundamentals of data science and analytics. By the end of this beginner-level track, you will understand several concepts within business intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Introduction to Data Engineering

Learn how to identify the sources of data within your organization, and how decisions made by data engineers affect your ability to create visualizations or models. Upon completing this course, you will be able to communicate better with data engineers within your organization.

Data Science Product Development

Learn how to translate stakeholders needs into a good use case, and explore what a data science use case road map looks like. You will form a complete understanding of the different roles within a big data project, and of the best-practices for team management.

Storytelling with Data

Learn from our experienced data professionals how to improve your storytelling by using data. At the end of this track, you will be able to communicate your data-driven messages better, and use data visualization to support a story.

Responsible AI for Business

This training guides the process of adopting AI in a responsible manner, by providing insights from theories, inspiring case studies, and concrete methods and tools. It is meant to empower people in management, marketing, sales, customer/user experience, finance, or business to take part in the conversation around Responsible AI.

Why choose Xomnia?


Xomnia gave a customised training to improve daily work activities. Our new and expanded data science skills can be used to organise internal processes and improve municipal services. The potential impact is far-reaching

Member of Municipality Amsterdam- at Municipality of Amsterdam

Enexis aims to build their data science capabilities within the organization to become independent of external parties. Alongside creating value through use cases, Xomnia delivered the expertise that helped in building and organizing the team, together with creating value through use cases

Jaap KohlmannSr. DSO architect at Enexis

The course 'Becoming a Data Scientist' brought me, even as an experienced researcher, new methods and tooling. Xomnia did broaden my horizon on Data Science!

Arjen KruithofAdvisor Stedelijk Water at Municipality of Utrecht

Xomnia’s Big Data Fundamentals has helped us to understand and test-drive the possibilities of big data for the Municipality of Almere. During an intensive, three-day course, we learned in both theory and practice how to apply big data in the social domain.

Mathijs TuynmanResearch Project Manager at Municipality of Almere
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